From Author: Dr. Rita R. Chapman, PhD

“Unleashing the Champion Within You”

Have you ever wondered how you can stay in the fight when it seems like your obstacles are getting the best of you? Did you question if you would ever heal from the bruises, bumps, or scars after every blow? How do you regain your footage when the punches you have receive knock you off balance and it looks as though they may impede your victory? Believe or not there is a Champion inside of each and every one of us that is ready to be unleashed!

Believe me, I know what the sting of a miscarriage, divorce, rejection, and depression feels like. Yes, there are those who have attempted to destroy my character and reputation; a very low blow. But, God would not allow the enemy to take me completely out. Every obstacle may be used as an opportunity to propel you into your destiny.

As Christians we more often than not give up in the fight too soon! We lose sight of the prize (benefits) and spend most of our time concentrating on our present condition in the ring of life. Well, ladies and gentlemen it’s time to put those gloves on and get back in to the ring! YOU MAY HAVE BEEN KNOCKED DOWN, BUT YOU ARE NOT KNOCKED OUT! You have what it takes inside of you to make it to the next round! I declare and decree that this will be your best victory yet. So, get back into the ring, stay in the fight and finish strong!

Dr. Rita R. Chapman

Dr. Rita R. Chapman RN, BSN MBA, Ph.D. is a Licensed and Ordained Minister and the Founder of Women at the Well Living Water Ministry and Women on Fire 4Real. She is a Certified MasterLife Discipleship Trainer and a Certified Christian Life/Ministry HISCoach. Rita is sought after as a Conference facilitator/speaker and Health Educator. She is compassionated and dedicated to assisting others to identify the Champion in everyone! She is also a Life Transformational Mentor & Leadership Coach who is

enthusiastic about empowering others to operate in their greatest potential. She is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. Rita has been heard on radio syndicates and has made multiple T.V. appearances. Partner with Rita today!

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